Stainless Steel Plunger w/o Handle & Barrel: K-100SSNK

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Indexing Plungers – Pull Pins – Threaded End – SS Plunger – SS Housing

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Consists of two parts which include a housing (barrel) and a plunger assembly. The plunger assembly screws into the housing. The housing is designed to be welded into place for strength. The 3/8-16 threaded end allows the user to add a custom handle or other method of actuation. Pulling up on the plunger assembly retracts the plunger into the housing. Releasing the plunger assembly allows the spring-loaded plunger to extend. The plunger assembly and housing are made from 303 stainless steel. The pull-up force is approximately 5 lbs.

A. (+.012/ -.010): 3/8″
B. 9/16″
C. 1 1/2″
D. (+.000/-.005): 1″
E. 3/16″