Custom Design

We offer a 3-Way Partnership in designing your unique applications for the FAST-LOCK Quick-Release Pull Pins.

Our Engineering and Production experts will partner with you in creating the most cost-effective design, which fulfills your requirements. We will guide your new design from prototype through production, measuring against our high quality standards at each step in the process.

This 3-Way Partnership ensures that your new design will meet all fit, form and function demands of your application. Our specialization in this industry permits us to offer you the best in design and cost-effectiveness.

Prototype Service

Test the solution before we begin production.

Call on us at Fairfield Industries not only to partner with you in designing your unique application of the FAST-LOCK Quick-Release Pull Pin, but also to produce the prototype of that innovative design.

Our 3-Way Partnership with you continues into the prototype stage, involving all of the Fairfield Industries’ expertise, in arriving at the ideal solution to your project.

The successful prototype serves as our master design, when production of your order begins. We faithfully measure production results against the original design and prototype, to ensure that the accuracy and performance of your FAST-LOCK is precisely the quality that you expected.

Our Capabilities

Our capability is limited only by your imagination!

Bring us your issues and questions! We will work with you to arrive at a cost-effective solution!

We specialize in high quality, full production runs of 1,000 or more.

Shipment can occur all at once, or in stages, as your requirements dictate.

We are specialists in the TOP QUALITY production of the FAST-LOCK concept.

Challenge our Engineering and Production staffs, to create the innovative solution for which you are searching.

Need a Custom Design?

Start the process by contacting Fairfield Industries, Inc.

We are specialists in the TOP QUALITY production of the FAST-LOCK concept.